What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS plan management means, the NDIS-registered plan manager takes care of your budgets within of your NDIS funding. The plan manager service provider gives you the freedom to choose NDIS registered and non NDIS registered providers – giving you greater option and helping to avoid waiting lists.
We will pay your providers promptly and be here to answer your NDIS questions.

Does NDIS Plan Management carry any cost?

No, Plan Management does carry any extra cost. Our fees are covered within the Ímproved Life Choices’ budget in your plan.

How does NDIS Plan Management work?

Unlike other service providers, All NDIS plan managers must be NDIS registered.
We go through a thorough audit process by the NDIA to ensure your funds are being handled by people you can trust.

How do Plan Managers use the allocated funds?

Plan Managers will claim each invoice received by your providers against the service booking that they have lodged with the NDIS when they first set up your NDIS Plan Management.

How are my providers paid?

As your providers send in their invoices, the funds are claimed against the service booking that your plan manager has created with the NDIS. As soon as possible once these funds are released by the NDIS your provider is paid. This turn around can be a soon as 24 hours, longer when approval is waiting to be sought. A maximum of 3 business days

What is the standard turn around time for provider payment or reimbursement?

The standard turnaround time promised for the payments is within 3 business days from the day of the receipt of the invoice, but usually payment is much faster.

How long does it take to get set up with Able Plan Manager, ready to pay invoices and reimbursements?

Once you have signed your Plan Management Service Agreement with Able Plan Manager, you can be set up ready to pay invoices and reimbursements the same day (provided you have sufficient budget to cover these claims)